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Now the fun really begins because you don’t have only one view to search for your image but in fact eight! Front and back each have four different directions and this definitely puts the odds in favor of finding a good ’image’.
This side had the potential of being a ‘Bull’ but there really isn’t much more in the picture but a head with horns.

The next view has a bit more potential (it is an animal laying down), but the head is not very distinct.
(Animal laying Down)
The third view could really go somewhere. It could be an old woman in bed looking at a mirror, an old man looking at his watch, or even someone having a dream! Yes… imagination plays a very important role here!
(Old woman, Old man, or Person Dreaming)
This is an excellent prospect! The head, body and tail are defined enough to allow the image to become an easily recognizable piece.
(Walrus or Dog?)
This view would probably be dismissed because even though it has some shape, it has no real discernable features.
(Swan or Heron …Left)
(Laying down Doe…Right )
This is a fabulous view! It would be my first choice if nothing better could be found.
A little bit of potential but other images offer more so it would be disregarded.

The Next view was it... Click here to continue...

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