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For the wings I used Sculpey and Fimo.


  • Black (Sculpey and Fimo)
  • Translucent (Sculpey)
  • White Pearl(Sculpey)
  • Fuchsia (Sculpey and Fimo)
  • You can use any color you would like, but use a lot of transluscent for transparency
  1. Roll 3 sticks of translucent - 1 of ¾", 1 of ½", 1 of ¼" thick.
  2. Roll 2 sticks of fuchsia - 1 of ½" and 1 of ¼" thick.
  3. Make a sheet of white pearl and cover each stick separately.
  4. Make a sheet of black and pass it around each stick and then surround the sticks with it. Roll it as a cane. DO not make it too thin. About 1 ¼" diameter of the cane is good.
  5. Press the cane from one side to make it as a tear drop. If you want you can press it from both sides to make the wings with an edge.
  6. Slice the cane in 1/8" pieces. Put four of them as a pair of wings (they should be attached in the middle). Then roll them with the brayer, to the desirable size.
  7. Give them the shape you want - preferably a "V" shape. Place them on a rolled napkin and bake them. Then you can attach them to the fairy.
Don't be discouraged from the first attempt because you need to practice, as the wings are pretty fragile.

Betty Tselepis
Copyright © 2000

We want to thank Betty for sharing this technique with all of the members of Polymer Clay Central! Be sure to visit her website to see more examples of this beautiful project.

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