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Janice West
Marketing Your Arts and Crafts - Creative Ways to Profit from Your Work
by Janice West
The Summit Group - Fort Worth Texas
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"I encourage crafters to try all sorts of ways of selling their work. Sometimes one way may even lead to another better one. The main reason I wrote the book was to show that there are all kinds of markets out there for crafters. Have fun...explore!"
— Janice West
Review by Deb Gribbin

I first met Janice here on Delphi. I had been toying with the idea of selling some of my art but just didn't quite know where to start. Janice mentioned that she had written a book on just that subject, so on my next trip to the bookstore, I picked up a copy. What I found was a wonderful marketing resource - Janice has listed numerous sources that go well beyond craft malls and local arts and craft shows. Some of her examples include marketing to architects, museum and hotel gift shops, and even includes a section on marketing to Europe. This book is not just a list of potential buyers though, Janice has taken the time to explain various marketing techniques and has included interviews with several buyers. There are also chapters on selling on consignment, working with journalists and writers, and packaging your products.

Janice has a very impressive resume. She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Texas Christian University, and lists her profession as Public Speaker, Author, Columnist and TV Host. In addition to her current book, Marketing Your Arts and Crafts - Creative Ways to Profit from Your Work, she has also written numerous magazine articles and has been seen on TV shows such as Crook & Chase (Fox), Good Morning Texas (ABC), How to Succeed in Business (CNBC), Our Home and Handmade By Design (Lifetime), HomeLife (Family Values Channel), The Carol Duvall Show (Home & Garden).

Janice graciously agreed to meet with me and answer some questions that I had regarding her book and experiences with selling her art. What follows is a transcript of the conversation...

Read the interview here!

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