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Candy Mathewson has prepared a terrific new cane lesson that is perfect for the warmer months coming up! Try making this Orange Cane and then you can apply the principles to other fruits and projects!

Materials Needed:
  • Polymer Clay in orange and white
  • Pasta machine, brayer or rolling implement
  • Slicing blade

Step 1: Use 1 part white and 2 parts orange to make 10 logs.  (If you're using yellow and white, use 1 part white and 4 parts yellow.)

Step 2: Wrap each log in a thin sheet of white clay.

Step 3: Make each log into a teardrop shape.

Step 4: Assemble all the cells to determine the size you'll need to make the middle white log.  If you find that the hole is too large, make each cell a bit narrower.

Step 5: Assemble the cells around the white log.

Step 6: Wrap the entire cane in a thin sheet of white clay.

Step 7: Add a thicker sheet of medium orange clay (the same color as you used for your cells).

Step 8: Finally, add a sheet of pure orange clay of same thickness as the medium orange sheet.

Candice Mathewson
©2002 Text and Pictures

We want to thank Candy for sharing this terrific cane lesson with PCC! If you have a lesson or tutorial that you would like to share with PCC, please email or and we will help you prepare YOUR project for the PCC Website!

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