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Business Card Couch
Here are some fun clay "couches" I've been making out of scrap clay, then covering with canes. I'm actually a psychologist in my "spare" time (although I have to say I spend way more time thinking about clay) and thought it would be funny to have a business card holder that looks like a couch!

Also it drives me crazy to waste so much clay when caning, so these are great for using up all those odds and ends. Hope you like 'em!


    Business Card Couch
  • Pasta machine and brayer or rolling pin
  • Scrap clay (a ball about as big as your fist)
  • Tissue Blade
  • Needle tool
  • Finished canes

  1. Wad up a lump of scrap clay and run it through your pasta machine a few times to soften it up. You can mix it thoroughly if you want or leave it colorful, it's up to you.

  2. Flatten the clay out to approximately 3/8" to 1/2" thick. You can do this with a brayer or by stacking sheets from the pasta machine (just make sure to get rid of all the air bubbles).

  3. Click here to see the pattern for the couch pieces (this was scanned actual size so you can just print this pattern page and then cut out the couch pieces). Use the pattern pieces to cut the shapes of the couch (right)

  4. Taper the ends of the chair arms.

  5. Choose the finished canes you'll be using to cover your couch. I like to use two different canes, one for the back and bottom and another for the arms. Again, this is up to you.

  6. Create a sheet of scrap clay about 4"x6", rolled at the #4 setting on your pasta machine.

  7. Cut slices of your finished cane and lay them out next to each other on the sheet of scrap (right).

  8. When the scrap is covered, press the canes down into the sheet. Then run the sheet through the pasta machine at the #2 setting, then turn and run it through on the #3 setting, etc., until the sheet is nice and smooth. This is now your "fabric."

  9. cover your couch pieces with your "fabric." You will probably have to repeat step #8 in order to have enough fabric to cover all the pieces.

  10. 10.  Roll down the tapered ends of the chair arms. Ultimately these should be at the same height as the low sides of the couch back.

  11. 11.  cover the couch "legs" with brown/wood-like or copper metallic clay sheets.

  12. After your pieces are covered, you're ready to assemble your couch. Use a needle tool to "score" the areas that will be sticking together. Press the pieces hard together, being careful not to smear your cane designs.

  13. Decide on a color or colors to use for "piping." I like using two colors twisted together but one color also looks nice. Roll the piping down to about the smallest snake you possibly can without it breaking or pulling apart.

  14. Press the piping around the top of the couch, arms, etc.

  15. Bake your couch at 275º F for approximately 45 minutes.

  16. After your couch is baked and cooled, you can sand it, buff it, finish it with a clear glaze, or leave it just like it is!
Hope you enjoy your new clay furniture! Let me know how your couches turn out. I'd love to see pictures!

Jen Kendall
©1999 Text and Illustrations - Jen Kendall

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