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Madeline Nupp, a new friend of PCC, has created a lovely lesson to make a Clay Covered Notebook, and she has graciously shared it with PCC! This wonderful lesson will be especially good to use with children for the easy method of conditioning clay (without a pasta machine) that Madeline describes.

1. Put some clay into a plastic bag. Put the bag in your front pants pocket, under your arm, or sit on it. You are using your body heat to warm the clay. Do this for about 1/2 hour.
2. I find it easier to work with smaller blocks. Cut the block in half.
3. Gently roll the block into a ball.
4. Gently press flat between your thumbs.
5. Keep flattening the ball until it's fairly thin.
6. Fold in half an mush some more.
7. Fold again and keep mushing the clay.
8. Roll into a coil.
9. Repeat steps until clay is soft and pliable.

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