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Supplies for Covers.
  • 1 block dark blue
  • 1 block light blue
  • 1/2 block orange
  • a bit of purple
  • a bit of yellow
  • a blade for cutting
  • some pens or other items with decorative points
  • a rolling pin (not wood, the clay will stick)
1. Roll and cut clay.
2. Arrange.
3. Mix colors together.
4. Roll a ball of equal size from the pure dark blue and the pure light blue.
5. Roll into coils.
6. Flatten the coils.
7. Stack the flattened coils.
8. Shape the stack into a block.
9. Cut slices from your block about 1/4 inch thick.
10. Arrange on plain paper in the configuration you like. Roll to ease seams, and cut with blade to the size you like.

Do one for front and one for back.

Bake on paper according to package instructions.
11. Decorate with contrasting colors.
12. Use various tools to make impressions.
  • Using a toothpick, press dots into the border.
  • Use the side of the point of a pen or pencil to press the pedal impressions.
  • Press the end of the pen cap into the center of the flowers.
13. Bake piece according to package instructions.

14. Glaze if desired with Future floor polish.

Finished covers
(actual image)

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