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From Corinne Loomer
Tip: "1. Make sure at the store that the door seals properly and doesn't have to be moved up a little to make sure it catches.

2. Make sure the latch is good. For example, one oven that I bought had hooks on the door, and these went into a hole in the oven where the catch was. Well, in a few months that catch broke and fell into the oven! It was under warranty, so I sent it back and they did refund my money, but it was frustating.

3. Make sure you have good electric wiring (I'm not sure how you find this out, but if you live in a house you're probably okay). I live in an older condo and I noticed that when I ran the oven, you could hear the oven fan motor fluctuating - it would run fast and then slow. I never had a chance to cook my clay in it so I don't know if that would have made a difference, but I do know that you want to have that motor running at a constant speed."

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