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by Sarajane Helm
What is Flecto Varathane?

It is a water based acrylic FINISH (not a varnish, polish or floorwax) for wood, paper, fabric, and other media (like our polymer clay!) that is found in many hardware stores.

There is also a retail source finder section on the official Flecto website If you want to know about availablity in your area, ask them. I don't make it or sell it; I just use it and recommend it!

When I first starting using polymer clays15 years ago, there was no information available (that I could find) about glazes, coverings, etc. SO.....after the Great Bead Disaster (as I watched 6 months of production beadmaking get mushier and stickier as the polyurethane and nail acrylics I had tried as finishes ATE the clay... several months later) I learned to TEST the reactions over months and years before committing. For the last 11 years or so, I have been very pleased with a product called "FlectoVarathane Elite Diamond Finish" with IPN.* This stands for Inter-Penetrating Network, according to Dave White, the gentleman at Flecto with whom I spoke while researching finishes. What IPN means to polymer clay artists is that it goes into (not just on top of) the polymer clay. My discovery of the effectiveness of this product as a longterm finish for polymer clay has opened the way to exploring making my own stains and other applications using Flecto Varathane, and I am so glad to have found it!

*NOTE: This product is now called Flecto Varathane Diamond Wood Finish but the formulation is unchanged. Only the label and name have changed.

©2001-Sarajane Helm

Learn more about Flecto Varathane at: Sarajane's Polymer Clay Gallery
Learn more about Sarajane Helm, and her new book due out in August at:

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