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Ikat Cane Lesson
by Mia Rox
Materials Needed:
  • Two colors of clay in contrasting colors
  • Nublade or tissue blade
  • Pasta Machine
  • Comb for making cutting marks

Step 1: Condition your clay and roll it out on the thickest setting of the pasta machine. Fold the sheet in half so you have a sheet that is double thickness. It will look like a long rectangle. Next take your comb (I use the basic cheapie plastic comb - the one with thin teeth on one side and wider spaced ones on the other half) and make marks and cut along those marks. Be certain that the logs you cut are square logs. You will need 8 of each color.

Step 2: Arrange your logs in a checker board pattern and reduce so the cane is approximately 3/4" to 1" wide.

Step 3: Hold your cane diagonally, so it is diamond shaped, so to speak. Flatten the cane somewhat.

Step 4: Next, run your flattened cane through your pasta machine.

Step 5: Fold this long strip in half. If the edges are jagged, that's Ok! I think it adds to the over all appearance of the cane. Then run it through the pasta machine 2 more times, just like you did in Step 4.

Step 6: Cut the doubled strip in half.

Step 7: Stack those 2 halves.

Step 8: Cut in half once more and stack again. And that will be all for that part!

Step 9: Cut off the waste ends (if you used white and another color you can mix those ends up and any other waste from this cane to make a lovely pastel color)Reduce the cane and cut in half.

Step 10: Lay the halves side by side and cut those two in half. Stack one half on the other as if you were folding it where you cut

Step 11: You're Done!!!
©2001 Mia Rox

Thank you, Mia Rox! You can email Mia at

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