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by Irish Red
Step 1: Using the leftover piece of marbled clay from making our bead, I'm going to add it to the white and marble it again.
Step 2: Roll the marbled clay into a cylinder, and then pull off pieces of white and stick on the cylinder randomly or as you like it.
Step 3: Roll the cylinder up until it looks like a mint.
Step 4: Flatten; smoosh one side in to the middle. It isn't necessary to squish it on your scanner bed, but I did.
Step 5: Turn 1/4 turn, fold in, turn, fold in again.
Step 6: Roll into a cylinder and twist.
Step 7: Flatten. Now shape it however you like. I'm going to make a button out of it. Tweak a little more if you want to.
©2001 Irish Red

Thank you, Irish Red! You can email her at, or visit her website at

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