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Cleaning the Atlas Pasta Machine
by Leigh Ross

Pasta Machine Tips

From Jill A

Tip: "I found that by removing the "covers" off the rollers, it is much easier to keep the pasta machine clean and see what you are doing. No more gunk in the bottom of the cover."

From Susan Richartz
Tip: "There is yet anothe way to prevent your handle from falling out of your pasta machine all the time. Just get from a craft or hardware store the tiny round, super strong magnets (comes in a packet with more magnets). These usually have adhesive on one side (apply it to the end of the handle). It works like a charm every time I use my machine."

From Kathy Gregson
Tip: "If your clay is crumbly and torn at the edges when running through your pasta machinee, try this... First run your clay through the pasta machine several times. Generally if the edges are still torn and crumbly it is because the clay is too dry; you can fix this by adding a few drops of the Sculpy Softener(it was called diluent but they've changed the name) or a few drops of mineral oil. Be cautious and only add a few drops at a time. Roll the clay through your pasta machine until the oil is mixed in well. If it is still too dry, add a few more drops. You will get the feel of the clay after a while and know when it's about right. "

From Madeline Faiella
Tip: "My tip is one that I learned from my friend Gail Richey. If you work a lot with Polymer clay and you have the room and the funds for a second pasta machine, it's good to use one just for white and the other one for the rest of the colors. Or, use one for the light colors and the other for the rest of the colors. I like to use one for white."

From Kristina
Tip: "I use baby wipes (99 cent store) to clean my pasta machine, work surface, and tools. However I first squeeze all of the baby wipe solution out of them and replace it with rubbing alcohol. Water, I have heard, is your pasta machine's enemy, so the alcohol lessens that problem."

From Melina Ghio
Tip: "I am not sure how many people already know this, but I found it really helps me when using the pasta machine - if the clay was too moist and got stuck to the rollers, try putting a little bit of baby powder in your hands, and rolling the clay in that for a while."

From Amber Dawn Goldish
Tip: "I use the Esccelsa Modello Depositato Pasta Machine. When it gets dirty, or I am working from a dark clay and switching to a white or light color I hold a piece of felt (You can use paper towel too) above the rollers and press firmly to collect the clay residue. After I see that the rollers are not leaving clay on the felt, I fold the felt and crank it through the rollers, this helps catch clay in the cracks underneath. I also hold the machine upside down and scrape with a tissue blade the clay that has accumulated after a long day of rolling. If you are going to change from a black to a white and do not have time to do a thorough cleaning job, may I suggest a bit of alcohol on the paper that you press along the rollers while turning the crank. It will dry super fast and viola, back to work."

From Doug Bilski
Tip: "My Atlas handle is always falling out! I found that if I wrap a little bit of plumbers tape (you know the stuff that you put around the threads of a shower head before screwing it on - teflon tape, maybe) around the handle it fits in tighter and falls out less often!"

From suelee
Tip: "To clean my pasta machine (my best friend!) I use my ever handy (huggies brand) baby wipes and roll one thru the rollers as if it were a sheet of clay. I do a lot of translucent work which gets extremely sticky and this works like a charm! Just run it through on higher and higher settings and at some point you may get some "drippage" from the fluid in the wipes but just take the wipe itself or a paper towel and dab it up. I allow it to dry a minute or two before proceeding with the next project."

From Caryl
Tip: "I use baby wipes to clean the pasta machine periodically and in between colors. Otherwise, just running some scrap clay through keeps it clean."

From Rena
Tip: "To keep my pasta machine clean, I keep some old white clay and run it though between colors. It really helps to get rid of the little pieces, sometimes left behind and or colors left on the rollers. I also clean it with alcohol when it needs it. "

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