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Ripple Blade Butterfly Cane
by Irish Red

This cane had been sitting on a shelf for more than 6 months. It was so hard and crumbly that I had to rework it to use it. I ended up distorting the shape so much that I decided to try something new to salvage the clay as it was. I had just bought my new ripple blade and was itching to try it. This technically wasn't scrap clay, but I couldn't use it as it was for the reason I had made the cane.

This is a baked slice of the original cane (right). You can't really tell by the scan, but the translucent clay darkened so much that you can hardly make out the design unless there is light behind it. The only reason it looks so bright here is that the light from the scanner was showing through.

This is a slice of the original Cane reduced and cut through the side with a regular cutter.
Three slices taken off the side with the ripple blade. You can leave them like this and add them to a piece, maybe using a little TLS, but I will run them carefully through the pasta machine and flatten them for most uses.
Bottles of Hope Covered With Ripple Blade Slices
These bottles are TINY! With the stopper in, the tallest one is just over 2 1/4"

Using slices of butterfly cane above.

Slices taken from a leaf cane. The stopper is a thick slice of the cane.

Inspired by a mural I saw in the Barrio Logan area of San Diego.
©2001-Irish Red

Thank you Irish Red! You can Email Irish Red at
or visit her website at

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