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Polymer Clay Central PCC Home Page
by Mia Rox

Materials Needed:
  • Small blocks of pink, green, white clay
  • Pasta machine or a clay dedicated roller
  • Nublade or tissue blade

Step 1: Prepare the components - one sheet of green and one sheet of pink rolled out on a medium setting on your pasta machine (or roll out by hand with a clay dedicated only roller). Also, a thin yellow log and a pink skinner blend log. The skinner blend log is optional.. a plain pink log will do just as well!

Step 2: Taking your yellow log, wrap it with your sheet of pink and set aside.

Step 3: Reduce your pink log and cut into 6 equal lengths. See the yellow log (Step 1) to reference the size.

Step 4: Surround the yellow covered log with the six pink logs.

Step 5: Reduce and thin the green log, and cut into 6 snakes the same length as the log in Step 4.

Step 6: Fill in the spots between the petals with the green snakes and roll slightly on your work surface. Don't apply too much pressure! We want just enough to flatten out the green snakes. Now squeeze the cane gently to get everything inside to blend together.

Step 7: Take the green sheet of clay and wrap it around the flower cane just like you did with yellow log, and then gently roll on your work surface until blended.

Step 8: Now make a clean slice on the end and there you have it - a flower cane!!
Extra - If you would like to enhance your flower cane, we can combine it with the Striped Cane Lesson as shown below...

Step 9: Using the yellow and blue cane from the Striped Cane Lesson, cut off three slices lengthwise.

Step 10: Wrap the slices around the flower cane. If three slices do not fit completely around, just cut off another slice, cut that in half lengthwise, and add to the others to fill in the gaps.
Step 11: Wrap the entire cane with a sheet of pink clay rolled out on the thickest setting on your pasta machine (or a clay-dedicated roller will work!)

Step 12: Once again, roll on your work surface or reduce until the clay is blended, make a clean end slice, and you're done!! A "Fancy" Flower Cane!!
©2001 Mia Rox

Thank you, Mia Rox! You can email Mia at

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