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Here's a wonderful tutorial by Madeline Nupp on creating
lovely earrings using Polymer Clay and Silver wire!


  • Original Sculpey (used because it is lighter in weight)
  • 1/4 block maroon Premo
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • silver tone wire
  • a blade for cutting
  • some pens or other items with decorative points
  • small notepad (for working on)
  • acryllic paint silver and black
  • small black seed beads
  • 8 silver eye pins (or you can make them yourself)
  • 2 silver ear wires
  • Future floor polish or other glazing medium

Step 1: Take 2 small balls of Sculpey and flatten them onto paper. Step 1
Step 2: Using the round nose pliers, bend two small pieces of silver wire as shown.

(size in respect to clay discs)
Step 3: Bend the ends of the wire in the opposite direction of the loops. Step 3
Step 4: Coil the top pieces down towards the lower loops. Don't worry about these coils being perfect, they will be hidden by the clay.
Step 5: Press the wire pieces into the bottom of the clay discs. Be sure to leave the four wire loops free of clay.
Step 6: Again using the round nose pliers, bend two small pieces of wire into an "S" configuration.
Step 7: Press these "S" loops into the top of the clay. Be sure to leave the top loop free of clay. The bottom one will be covered.
Step 8: Roll a thin coil of Sculpey and border the clay discs, starting where the lower wire piece begins and ending where the lower wire piece ends.
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