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(Gertsch Feather Cane)

The "Old Cane" Feather Cane is created using - you guessed it!! - old canes!! Perhaps you have some old canes laying about you no longer use, or aren't too happy with or, maybe, you just want to make something and you're still waiting for your next shipment of clay to arrive! Well, here is something you can create if you find yourself in one of these, or a similar, situation...
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"Old Cane" Feather Cane


  • Several old canes (Susan used 6 old canes)
  • A thick sheet (#1 setting on my Atlas) of clay to line the rectangle log - your color choice.  (the size of this sheet of clay will depend on the quantity and size of the "old canes"...)
  • A thick sheet (#1 setting on my Atlas) of clay to create the "vein" of the feather in your color choice...
Step 1: Begin by selecting several of your old canes...

Step 2:  Line them up on top of a thick sheet of clay.
Step 3:  Smash and moosh them together into a block, taking care to keep the thick sheet always on the bottom. Reduce to create a rectangular log, the same as we did in the Basic Feather cane.

Step 4:  Pinch one end of the rectangle log and feed it into your pasta machine on the thickest setting to create a long sheet.

Step 5:  Cut the long sheet into 2 or 3 inch pieces.
Step 6:  Lay a piece on your work surface, with the 'lining' color on top, then lay the next piece on end, butted up against the first sheet and push it over, just like the Basic Feather Cane.
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Step 7:  Continue laying pieces on top, as you did in the Basic Feather cane.
Step 8:  Run a sheet of clay in your color choice for the feather "vein" through your pasta machine on the thickest setting. Line the bottom half of the cane (where the edge of all the pieces touched your work surface).

Step 9:  Reduce the cane and cut it in half.

Step 10:  Combine the two sections to create the 'Old Cane' Feather Cane.
Step 11:  Here is the finished 'Old Cane' Feather Cane that Susan Bradshaw created during her class...   Pretty cool use for those 'old canes' you might have lying around...
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by Jean Sheppard
Jean's Photo Gallery
©2002 Text and Photos
Editing by Sunni Bergeron

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