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Here's a beautiful and detailed project lesson from Karen Perry!

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Finished size: Necklace length 17 inches, plus 2 inch pendant.
Finished Time: 7 to 9 hours
Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Cost: $13.00 to $16.00 for clay, blades, wire and findings
  • 1-oz. Magenta, 1-1/2-oz. Turquoise, 1/2-oz. White, 1/2-oz. Black Polymer Clay (I used dark scrap clay)
  • 5 feet of 20 gauge silver wire
  • Round nose jewelry pliers
  • Needle or flat nose pliers (for coiling wire)
  • Wire cutters
  • Tissue blades for slicing cane
  • Single edge razor for cutting tube beads
  • Old cookie sheet covered with wax paper
  • Rolling pin or pasta machine for clay use only
  • Ruler
  • 4, 1/16 mandrels or 4, 7 or 8 inch long pieces of straitened, 20 gauge scrap wire
  • Size 14 metal yarn needle or equivalent for piercing beads
  • 4 inch by 6 inch or larger piece of clear glass or Plexiglas® to tape pattern under. Use masking tape or something to cover the sharp edges of the glass
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Step 1: First, click here for the full size triangle pattern used in this project. Print the picture and cut out the pattern. Tape the pattern under the glass. The pattern will help explain the instructions and keep the main triangle shape. The broken lines on the pattern are to show the number of layers of the same color.

Step 2: Condition each color clay in the amounts called for above.

Step 3: Mix the 1 ounce of magenta with the 1/2 ounce white.

Step 4: Roll the turquoise into a 3/4 inch thick snake. Cut off a 1 inch long piece. Shape the piece into a 1 inch long square by pressing the snake against your work surface, turning and pressing again until all sides are the same height. Make sure length is still 1 inch.

5. Stand the square on one end on your glass, aligned with the pattern as shown.

6. Roll the black through pasta machine into a thin rectangle (about 1/32"). Cut into 1" strips (used for dividers). Wrap a strip around turquoise diamond, butting edges.

7. Roll magenta mix into a rectangle 1/8 inch thick. Trim edges even. Cut 1" strips from rectangle. Wrap a strip around the turquoise diamond, butting edges. Repeat again.

8. Pinch tips of diamond to accentuate shape, and then wrap a strip of black around diamond.

9. Roll remaining turquoise into a 1/8 thick rectangle. Trim edges and cut 1" wide strips. Wrap 2 strisp of turquoise around bottom half of diamond, stopping just before the side points. Trim bottom tip of turquoise if necessary to fit in pattern.

10. Wrap 3 turquoise strips around top of diamond as shown, following the side line of the triangle. You don't want the turquoise to go all the way around the diamond.

11. Wrap a strip of black around the top half of diamond and then around bottom half, with black ending at the same points as the outermost turquoise strips.

12. Use remaining magenta strips to form two triangles 1" high and about 5/8" long on sides. Trim to fit to pattern as shown. This forms the bottom of the main triangle shape.

13. Add 3 layers of magenta at top of diamond, following side line of triangle. Trim the center tip of these layers strait across, about 1/8" above blue tip, as shown.

14. Add a strip of black to the cut edge.

15. Roll remaining magenta into a 1/4" thick snake. Cut a 1" piece and shape to fit small diamond at top of pattern. Add black strip to bottom of diamond. Add 4 turquoise strips to bottom half of small diamond. Trim this across widest point below tip of diamond.

16. Add to bottom half of design with cut part against black strip.

17. Use tissue blade to trim sides of design and even them out. Add black strips around all outside edges of triangle, butting the ends. Let cane rest for 1 hour or until firm and cool again.
18. Reduce cane, keeping the triangle shape, by turning to a flat side, pressing down against work surface, and pulling tips away from each other. Turn to another flat side, and repeat. Keep repeating this process on all sides until the cane is 2 inches long after trimming. Cut cane into 2 1" pieces. But together, matching tips and colors across the length of the triangle. Turn pieces over to see that the other side matches, too. When all parts match, press pieces together to stick. Press the center, bottom point (opposite tips) against your work surface to flatten it and make the cane a triangle again. Reducing again as above.
19. Reduce cane until it is 4" long after trimming. Cut into four 1" long pieces. Put 2 of these pieces next to each other, lining up colors on edges and top and bottom. Press together when all is lined up. Line up the other 2 pieces the same way.
20. Arrange halves with tips touching at center and stretch sides towards each other to make a square.
21. When everything looks lined up, and pieces are stuck together, press corners strait inward to form a circle. Let the round cane rest until firm and cool again.
22. Reduce the cane by squeezing around the middle with your thumb and index finger, then the sides, then the rest of the cane to even it out. Roll the cane smooth. Repeat until the cane is 1/2" in diameter. Trim one end until you see a complete version of the design. Cut off a 1 inch long piece and set aside. Reduce remainder of cane to 3/8" diameter. Cut off a 4-1/2" length to use later for the round beads and pendant beads. Cut remainder of 3/8 inch cane into six 1" lengths. Arrange these evenly around 1/2" cane piece standing them on end. Join pieces together by pressing side canes in toward the center. Turn and press evenly all around outside, flattening outer canes slightly and filling the spaces between them, making a larger circular cane. Roll cane smooth. At this point it should be at least 1" in diameter. If it isn't, carefully push ends together without twisting, keeping cane strait, to compress and shorten cane. Roll cane smooth again. You should have a 3/8 diameter cane and a 1 inch diameter cane. Click picture for a larger view of the two canes. Cut two 1/16" slices from new, large cane.
Click Here to Construct the Pendant!

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