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Materials Needed:
  • Polymer clay in black, white, red, and light pink (colors can be substituted)
  • Pasta machine, brayer or rolling implement
  • Clay gun (recommended, but optional)
  • Slicing blade.
Step 1:  Making the heart

Begin by making 2 logs of red clay.

Cut off about 1/5 of each log.

Align the 2 logs together along one side to form the top of the heart.

Make another log of red clay. 

Cut away 2 pieces to form a 45 degree angle.  

The 45 degree angle should fit nicely between the 2 lobes.

Make a straight edge by cutting off the excess.

We're almost there!

Make another log of red clay.

Pancake it.  

Put the pancake piece on.

Trim one side.

Now, trim the other.


Step 2:  Decorating the heart

Wrap a sheet of white clay around the heart.

Out of pink clay make medium sized logs.

Cut the logs in half and attach them to the heart.

Look'n good!

For contrast, add a thin sheet of black clay.

Make sure to get the black clay into all the valleys.

Step 4:  Adding the background

Here I've used a clay gun (triangle disc) to fill in the small valleys.

Wrap a couple sheets of white clay around the outside of the cane.

Start adding some background.

Try to make your cane as round as possible.

Step 5:  Adding a border

For each color, place 2 sheets of clay on top of each other (use only one if your cane is small) and cut into long strips.

Alternately apply the red and pink strips to your heart cane.

Finished cane!

Candice Mathewson
©2002 Text and Pictures

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