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Here's another feather cane. It's simple, but you will need to clean that work table because you'll need some room to stretch out 3 long strips (think linguini). I use (what else!?) Kato Polyclay!


  • Kato Polyclay - white, orange, magenta, gold
  • Pasta machine
  • Nublade
  • Double pointed knitting needle - a rod will do

Peach color mix - 1 part orange, 2 parts white, 3 parts magenta

Click Pictures for a Larger View

1. Begin by assembling a basic two part Skinner Blend of white and peach mix.

2. As if you were making a Skinner blend, fold and roll through the rollers 5 times.

3. Roll the sheet up beginning with one blended edge to the opposite blended edge. Do not roll from white to peach or vice versa.

4. Divide the rolled sheet into 3 equal parts

5. Stand each piece up on end...

...then flatten each of them.

6. Pinch the flattened top of each piece, then turn them over and pinch the opposite flat sides.

7. Roll each piece to smooth the pinched sides. Here, I have cut from the ends to show what you will have. As you can see from the slices, each piece has a dark side and a light side. If the cylinders have twisted, straighten them out.

8. Roll gold through a very thin setting (I have an Atlas and I rolled down to number 7). Wrap each piece, leaving a registration strip, aligned along one pinched (smoothed) edge. It doesn't matter which pinched edge you choose.

9. Reduce each piece. Although the completed cane may be reduced, I assemble this cane at close to its finished size, so I reduce these pieces to approximately 1/4" in diameter or smaller.

10. With fingers, flatten each piece. I pinch the clay on both sides of the registration strip.

11. Roll each piece through the pasta machine through a thin setting (I use 5 on my Atlas). Here, I've draped the thinned pieces on an acrylic rod so you can see the cut ends of the strips. You can still see that each strip has a dark and a light end.

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