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Mission Statement

Arlene Thayer started Polymer Clay Central with a vision to make it a melting pot of information, ideas and resources about Polymer Clay - to bring together Polymer Clay Enthusiasts

Having built two forums of my own on Delphi, I longed to start a forum about my favorite art form, and so, the Polymer Clay Forum was born with a very similar goal in mind.

As the Cyber-Gods would have it, Arlene was in need of a break, and through her much appreciated generosity we became the caretakers of Polymer Clay Central. I will be forever grateful to Arlene for her trust and confidence in our joy for promoting Polymer Clay!

The main goal of this site is to promote Polymer Clay in every way, shape and form imaginable, throughout the world, and to do this in a safe, respectful and welcoming environment.

The secondary goal is to help EVERYONE promote their contributions to Polymer Clay, be it artistic creations, web sites, businesses, information, ideas, techniques, Guilds, or just a love of Polymer Clay.

Because of our Mission Statement, we will not be able to give exclusive rights to anyone when it comes to advertising. I felt it would be a good idea to put our advertising policy someplace so everyone could understand it.

For all who contribute articles or lessons to be placed on the Polymer Clay Central web pages, we will link back to their sites and, of course, give full credit to the author. We enjoy publishing articles and information from all PC enthusiasts on the web site. The more information we can provide, the more we are meeting the needs of our members.

We will promote our sponsors for our Contests and Projects!If you would like to be a sponsor for one of our contests or projects, please email I will be more than happy to put your name down on the list. If you sponsor a contest, your banner and link will be prominantLEIGH placed on the message board and on the web site for the length of the contest, as well as in the archives of that contest, in exchange for the prizes for that contest!

Affiliate program banners will be placed on prominent pages. For those who don't know about affiliate programs, some web sites offer an affiliate a percentage of the sales generated by a banner on the affiliate's web site. The affiliate programs do help us to defray our costs; ISP's, upgrades to equipment, upgrades to software, prizes, postage, our time, advertising handouts, and energy. When you click on one of our advertisers, you are helping to support Polymer Clay Central and we all appreciate it!

As we continue to grow at such a fast rate, I felt it was important to let everyone know what our goals and dreams are for this site. I hope you will all join me in making Polymer Clay Central on Delphi a real melting pot for the artists, suppliers and enthusiasts - a place of mutual respect and admiration for the people and the art of Polymer Clay.


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