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Mokume Gane by Kris Richards

A quick description before we start:

Mokume Gane (pronounced moe-koo-may-GAHN-ay) is the Japanese term for "woodgrained metal".  In polymer clay terms, it is a method of stacking, constructing, or otherwise layering polymer clay to achieve a myriad of interesting and beautiful designs that you can use for any application. 

I will describe the type of Mokume we are doing, and the polymer clay artist who is most widely known for developing the technique.  There are three artists who have developed three very different methods of achieving their version of Mokume Gane. 

Those artists are:

Donna Kato---(what I call "random" Mokume Gane)

Tory Hughes---(Pressed-in designs and stratified Mokume Gane)

Lindly Haunani---(Transparent Layered Mokume Gane with leafing)

This page is my version of Lindly's Mokume Gane method.

Please note that these "lessons" are a very short version of the artist's teachings.  They DO NOT preclude taking a lesson from the artist themselves, but are meant to enhance your understanding of the methods they teach.  For the best possible understanding and results, please sign-up for a class, (Lindly teaches many classes at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria VA, and travel-teaches throughout the country.)  Donna and Tory also travel-teach, and have an extensive schedule that takes them to many parts of the country as well.

You can also purchase a video to really learn more on how to do Mokume Gane...(both Tory and Donna have wonderful videos out on "their version" of Mokume Gane.)   Currently, Donna has a wonderful instructional book out as well.  Please show your suport to these artists by purchasing their instructional products, or by signing-up for their classes.  For more information on classes, videos, and books, go to the National Polymer Clay Guild's Website.

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