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Stack one half on top of the other again

Now when you cut off the end of the stack you will have a wood grain texture. You can use it like this or....

... by cutting off the end with a straight blade, you get a linear wood pattern, and by cutting off the side of the block with a ripple blade you get a circular or ring pattern.

If we cut the whole thing in half and put them together they way it shows in the next picure, we'll get some terrific rings and lines in the wood pattern.

This shows how they will be stacked for the ring pattern.

Now cut into this stack with the ripple blade and you have beautiful rings and wood grain lines.

This is what the sheet looks like up close! To roll this down, place the ripples into the pasta machine vertically and roll through on the thickest setting. Turn the pasta machine down one thickness setting and turn the wood sheet one quarter turn and roll through again. Do this three more times.

Here is the sheet rolled out all the way. These sheets are great for covering things

Here are the two different sheets rolled out.

For a Blonde wood grain you will need: Premo White, Premo White and Ecru mixed together 1:1, Premo Ecru, and Premo translucent. As before, roll out 2"x3" sheets of each color.

Stack the sheets in this order - Translucent, White, White and Ecru mix, Ecru.

Follow the same instruction as for the darker wood, this is what your end cut should resemble.

This is stacked for the rings and line look.

This is it rolled out!! Now try different colors and have a great time. This is a fun technique, and you don't have to be precise for it to look good!!
We want to thank Marie Segal for sharing this excellent tutorial with Polymer Clay Central! We appreciate her taking the time to inspire and challenge us to greater and greater creativity!

Marie Segal
©2001 Text and Photos

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