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Text & Photos by Arlene Thayer


  • 1 old or new wooden picture frame, any thickness.
  • Well conditioned black, polymer clay. Fimo was used in this project.
  • Rub n' Buff silver
  • The Amaco "Roses" pushmold, by Judi Maddigan. (Optional)
  • Buffing cloth. I used polyester fill because it was handy.
  • Polymer Clay tools helpful, but not necessary, include pasta maker, small food processor, brayer, cutting blades, toaster oven and a hard working surface.
Covering the Frame:

Condition the black polymer clay and run it through a thin setting on the pasta machine. Slice the sheet and place it over the frame pressing at the seams. Slice off excess with razor knife.

Decorating the Frame with Leaves and Flowers:

Use the mold or make the blossoms and leaves by hand. Place them on the covered frame beginning at the center and working toward the sides, thinning out as you go. Press them on securely and taper the leaves edges. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 275F.


When the frame has cooled, you are ready to do the Buff n' Rub. Place a very small amount on the rubbing cloth and gently skim over the tops of the raised areas. As the cloth become drier, rub a little harder. Go over the area with a dry buffing cloth until it has that "pewter" look that you want. Continue around the entire frame.

The Finished Product!

Arlene Thayer
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All rights reserved.

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