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Welcome to Polymer Clay Central

In 1995, Arlene Thayer began a labor of love, and Polymer Clay Central was born on the Web. Because of her hard work, it soon became one of the most popular Websites for polymer clay enthusiasts. And now, after seeing PCC grow to great heights and respect in the Polymer Clay field, Arlene felt the need to step down from the daily responsibility and work of keeping PCC up-to-date and fresh.

In 1998 Arlene transferred control of Polymer Clay Central to Leigh Ross, who was already running two very successful craft-related websites. Being both a PC artist and a Forum Manager, Arlene felt that Leigh would give her beloved PCC the nurture and care she wanted for it.

Since that time, Polymer Clay Central has grown beyond even our expectations, and many new features have been added, as well as a thriving Message Board visited by amateurs and professionals alike, all sharing their love for Polymer Clay Art.

In respecting the heritage of Polymer Clay Central, we will be continually adding the content originally created by Arlene, and this section will be the PCC Archives! The Archives will be a record of the beginnings of this great site, and a tribute to the vision of it's originator, Arlene Thayer!


Swap Zone: Here's the front door to the World of Polymer Clay Swaps. See what swaps are running, view pictures of all the past swaps, learn How to Host a swap, and much more.

Interviews: Read about our members and their experiences and love of clay, and leave YOUR interview!

Guest Artists: Featured interviews with some of the best and most talented Polymer Clay Artists.

Instructions: Lessons, projects, hot tips and more from our staff and members.

FAQ: Handy and concise information on a variety Polymer Clay topics.

Message Board: All the action is here! Great people, projects, and fun on the Polymer Clay Forum Message Board
Join with us on this journey through the beginnings of PCC - we're going to have a GREAT time!
— The Polymer Clay Central Staff