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The Snowflake Cane

Here is another holiday idea submitted by Jane Mahneke. She learned to make these little Snow Flakes at the classes she attends at the Los Angeles Polymer Clay Guild.

At the right is a scan of Jane's Snowflake cane.


For this example, we used Cyan and White Fimo.

Step 1: Build the following object with white.

Step 2: Surround this shape with the background color except for the bottom of the stem.
Step 3: Reduce the design, cut off the ends until you reach a good section of the design at each side, and then cut into six even lengths.

Step 4: Make a white bullseye for the center and place the six sections of the snowflake you have just reduced around this bullseye. Make sure the center bullseye is the correct diameter so that all six sections fit against it without becoming distorted. Fill in small gaps around the outside perimeter with the background color to make a complete circle.

Step 5: Reduce to desired length and outline in color that looks well with your chosen background color.

Jane Mahneke
Illustrations by Arlene Thayer

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