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2002 Swaps!

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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
9/29/02Polymerclay decorated journal book cover
Gillian Allen
Using your preferred techniques, create 3 journal covers. The only essential is for holes along the left side for attaching to the books (which would be made by the receiver). No bigger than 5x6 inches-can be smaller They can be decorated by all manner of effects and embellishments. This can be a totally experimental piece, only limited by your imagination. Photo transfers, mouldings, textures and stamping, beads, wire, found objects, material, paint treatments to name some possibilities. Be creative surprise yourself. You will end up with a collection of very individual journal covers. 3 for 3
Sign up by 10/14/02.
Closed! UnlNo11/14/02
9/29/02Black and White and Red Bead Swap
Deirdre Woodward
I propose a black and white and red bead swap. Here are the terms:
-- use only black and white and crimson red (not the brick red) clay
-- gold accents are ok
-- blends are ok but only from these three colors
-- size range: at least 1/2 inch tall but not more than 2 inches tall, at least 1/4 inch wide but not more than 1 inch wide
-- make six and get six back, make nine and get nine back.
Sign up by 10/4/02.
Closed! UnlNo11/15/02
Books, any kind of book! Get creative and design a book. These can be a notebooks covered with clay. Or an originally designed booklet (use a matchbox, found item, etc). The booklet can be blank or not, you decide. Or...a book depiction! How about a pin, necklace or some such trinket with "books" as the theme? This is your creation!
Sign up by 9/20/02.
Closed! UnlNo10/27/02
8/6/02One Way Swap for Annadara
Kimba Wilson
This is a one way swap for a very ill PCC member, Annadara Newman. You send me an item to be sent on to her. She collects fish of all kind and pens, her favorite colors are purple and green and her favorite flower is the pansy. You can send any kind of PC item you want.
Sign up by (open).
Closed! UnlNoASAP
8/6/02Indian Summer
Gillian Allen
India has inspired our enjoyment of rich textures, patterns and exotic spicy colours, a joyful mixture that excites the soul with its energy and mystery. Create artwork pieces in polymerclay and mixed media, to convey the atmosphere of India - jewellery, treasure box pendants, photo transfers, small hangings to name some of the possibilities, whatever you are inspired to create. More details on www.art-e-zine.co.uk/artexchange.html You might have seen Somerset Studios issue May/June and wanted to have explored this theme, like me, so here is another chance this Summer to push your boundaries to their limit. 3 for 3.
Sign up by 9/10.
Closed! OpenNo9/30/02
8/5/02Pen Swap
Twila Kidwell
This swap is open to beginners and experienced crafters. Anything goes on the decoration of the pens. You can either make them all the same or all different. Doing sets of 5.
Sign up by 9/1.
Closed! G/5No9/30/02
8/3/02Faeries and Dragons
Aimee Gordon
A faerie or a dragon piece is what we are going for, but feel free to incorporate both into something. You may include objects into your creation. Groups of 5.
Sign up by 9/1.
Closed! G/5No10/1/02
7/26/02Minifood Multiscale Swap - Thanksgiving Feast
Ellen Crane
Full details listed at http://www.riverswood.com/swapinfo.html.
Sign up by 10/1.
Closed! -No11/6/02
7/26/02Minifood Multiscale Swap - Sweets
Ellen Crane
Full details listed at http://www.riverswood.com/swapinfo.html.
Sign up by 9/1.
Closed! -No9/30/02
7/23/02Day of the Dead Swap
Suzanne Ivester
Make anything you like that's inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead (Nov. 1-2). It should be offered in an attitude of light-hearted respect. If you make beads, 1 item = at least 2 beads. No item should be larger than a full-sized Altoids tin.
Sign up by 8/10.
Closed! 10No10/5/02
7/20/02Christmas in July/August
Sally Taylor
Christmas ornaments, any style of your choosing no bigger than would fit within a 3 inch cube.
Sign up by 8/5.
Closed! 3G/5No8/31/02
7/14/02Cane Swap
Annette Huffstetler
We want to swap canes. We want all kinds of canes. Canes should be 3 inches long, and of course uncured. Email us with the type of cane you want to send to see if we have that kind yet. We will send you back a 3 inch cane...that you WILL LOVE!
Sign up by - .
Closed! 15No9/1/02
6/29/02Intricate Beads
Pearl Alexander
Each swapper makes a small group of smaller beads or one large focal(focal no bigger than 1 inch around, smaller no bigger than 1/2 inch around). Focus is on intricacy. For example, a highly detailed cane or complex looking filigree bead would be great intricate designs.
Sign up by 7/25.
Closed! 25-30No8/25/02
5/16/02Frog beads
Frog beads, sculptured or caned. Between 3/4" to 1" long.
Sign up by 5/31.
Closed! 15Yes7/13/02
6/15/02Balloon/Pinch Pots
Deb Smith
Any style! This is my birthday present to myself! Details by email.
Sign up by 7/1.
Closed! ?Yes8/1/02
5/16/02Frog beads
Frog beads, sculptured or caned. Between 3/4" to 1" long.
Sign up by 5/31.
Closed! 15Yes7/13/02
5/16/02Faux Donut Swap
Lisa Carlson
Any faux item suitable for jewelry. Must sign up for faux you want to make as we are accepting only one of each type examples; ivory, agate, jade opal, etc. Tell us what you'd like to do and we'll let you know if it's been previously choosen.Groups of ten.Enclose each piece in a baggie with your personal info, and add postage for return of swap pieces.
Sign up by 6/30.
Closed! G/10Yes7/31/02
5/11/02Funky Figures
Gillian Allen
Polymer Clay, wire, beads and charms Really fun to make, using materials to hand, imagination and experimentation can create some cool funky figures/crazy dolls. small in size, no bigger than 5 inches, these dangly darlins would surely bring a smile. Stamp your clay for body, push some wire with a loop at the end through. Join on wired clay and other beads, charms and found objects for legs and arms and head. Small face stamp for the head. Embellish as desired. Make 3 and receive 3 different, let me know if you'd like to play
Sign up by 6/5.
Closed! - Yes6/30/02
5/11/02Face CANE Swap
Libby Mills
We will be swapping 1 to 1-1/2 inch lengths of face cane. Cane diameter should be between a nickel and a quarter in size. Send 6, can be any design serious, silly, arty. Contact for more info.
Sign up by - .
Closed! 2G/6Yes6/7/02
5/11/02Mardi Gras Beads
Kim Kennedy
The theme will be Mardi Gras Beads. We would need beads big (and gaudy) enough so that we could add our own beads to them to make our own necklaces. So I say 1 1/2" - 2" beads, in purple, gold and green sparklie stuff (Pearl Ex, paint, glitter, whatever) in any shape you wanna. The glitzier the better. Holes should be made through the middle of the bead so that it would hang "face first" when strung. Holes should be big enough for pretty thick cord to hold their weight.
Sign up by 5/18.
Closed! 15Yes6/15/02
4/22/02 Dogs and Cats
A swap with a twist. Items can be anything from jewelry, figurines, fridge magnets and such. Pins would be great, could wear them to work and show off everyones stuff! Figurine sizes should be no more than 3"-4" Also along with your polyclay item you'd be sending a doggy toy, or cat toy if you prefer. Send one or two or as many as you want. All toys are being donated to the North Shore Animal League (www.nsal.org) Swappers set at 15 but leaving room for more.
Sign up by - .
Closed! 15Yes5/30/02
4/22/02 At the Beach
Teri Persing
At least 20 Beads following the theme of beach/ocean. Beads are to be composed of polymer clay, with anything goes as for additions and inclusions. Suggested size is between 3/4" and 1 1/2". Beads should be able to be strung, with a hole through the bead, an eye-pin, or any other method you come up with. Clayers at all experience levels welcome!
Sign up by 5/15/02.
Closed! UnlNo5/24/02
4/7/02Scrimshaw Swap
Denise Standifer
Faux ivory or bone or light wood grain pendants (your choice of shape), with your design on it, that fits inside a 3-inch square. They can be smaller, but not larger. Using a stamp for the etching is acceptable, but Id love to see some of our artists show off their drawing abilities. You can do a pencil drawing and gently smooth it onto your unbaked piece and carve it before or after you bake it.
Sign up by 4/21/02.
Closed! 3G/6No5/31/02
3/26/02"Dungeons & Dragons"
Taking off on the dungeons and dragons theme. Can make anything along those lines, fairies, dragons, trolls, warriors, etc. Smallest size 1" and largest 3". Can be any kind of item beads, sculptures, and such.
Sign up by 4/5/02.
Closed! 10No5/20/02
3/26/02Egg Swap
robin williams
This swap is for covered "real" eggs. The eggs may be done to hang or sit in a stand. I will have 2 groups, five people in each group. You will need to have a return postage slip enclosed in the box to mail eggs back.
Sign up by 4/30/02.
Closed! 10Yes5/31/02
3/22/02PCC Annex Swap - UNCENSORED
Elise Wright
The idea for this swap started at PCC Annex. This swap is open to beginners and experienced crafters. The topic of this swap is "uncensored" it is up to you to decide what this means and how you want to represent it. We'll have five people in each group. Make five items for each group you are in. You can join more than one group.
  • Minimum size 1" x 1"
  • Maximum size 3" x 3"
    If five or more people want to do larger items, I'll group you all together, just let me know what size you intend to send.
    Sign up by 4/30/02.
  • Closed! 5/GroupYes6/30/02
    2/7/02Poly Clay Swap
    This swap is open to beginners and experienced crafters. The object of this swap is to exchange any handmade item with the material cost of ($4). You can swap, beads, jewelry, critters or other items. This is a One on One Swap, you will swap directly with your partner.
    Sign up by 2/18/02.
    Closed! - No2/25/02
    2/7/02Think Spring
    Christi Wood
    Make anything you want that pertains to spring.
    Sign begins 2/1/02.
    Closed! - No5/19/02
    1/27/02Funky Pendants
    Ruthe Paul
    An amusing or beautiful pendant, any size, to be hung from a necklace.
    Sign up by 2/28/02.
    Closed! 10Yes3/30/02
    1/25/02Plus-Size Bracelet Swap
    Suzanne Ivester
    Make bracelets to fit an 8-inch wrist. Any style of bracelet is okay. Share your "construction" tips along with the bracelets, and we'll all have mew ideas along with our nice new accessories!
    Sign up by 2/8/02.
    Closed! 16No4/5/02
    1/11/02Way Out There Bead Swap
    Teri Persing
    Each participant is to make and send 20 beads that have an outer space theme. Some ideas: planets, moon, sun, stars .... let your imagination run wild! The beads can be round, square, triangular (you get the idea), cane slices, or sculpted, as long as they are no larger than 1 1/4 inch and no smaller than 3/4 inch.
    Sign up by 1/25/02.
    Closed! 20Yes3/15/02
    12/11/01Mini Dragon Swap
    Mary Davis
    Make 12 mini dragons, 1"-3" high and wide. Use any clay or technic you wish. You can also use objects like marbles and crystals for accessories and bases. Cute or fierce, try to make them as similar as possible.
    Sign up by 12/20/01.
    Closed! 12No1/31/02
    11/4/01Charm Bracelet Swap
    Kim Kennedy
    Make a charm of anything that suits your fancy. Charms should be 3/4"-1" by 3/4"-1". Include a loop for hanging. At the end of the swap, everyone will have enough charms to make their own bracelet.
    Sign up by 12/1/01.
    Closed! 12No2/12/02

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