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DateSwap Name/
Description Status
# Wait list?Due In
10/24/04Nature Earings swap
Leah Fisch
To participate you have to make one or more pairs of nature themed earings. Nature can be anything from people, to plants/flowers, to animals. For more info visit my site www.geocities.com/fishyswaps. Please send enough return postage along with your swap to avoid return complications.
Signup by 11/16/04.
Closed! 10No12/1/04
10/11/04Christmas Gift Tags
Deirdre Woodward
Let's make Christmas gift tags! Groups of 5/make 5, join as many groups as you'd like. Tags must be at least 2.5 x 2 but no bigger than 3 x 4; round and odd-shapes ok! Designs can be anything but remember to leave space to write TO: and FROM: and be sure to include a hole to tie the tag onto a present.
Signup by 10/31/04.
Closed! G/5No11/20/04/td>
Tonja Lenderman
Groups of 5 swappers making 5 identical bookmarks per group you join. Limit 3 groups per person. Bookmarks can be a traditional long rectangle, beads attached to a shepherds hook or just something fun and funky, but it has to be able to be used as a bookmark. That's the important part. Once sign up is closed I will email everyone with the shipping details. Don't forget to bag & label each bookmark with your name and email address. I'm sure you will want to get all those thank you notes :) You will be required to send return shipping fees. I prefer postage stamps (because it's easiest for me) but cash, money orders or PayPal funds will be okay too.
Signup by 11/15/04.
Closed! G/5No1/15/05
9/25/04Winter Solstice Mini Swap
Dani Scott
Winter magic will be in the air in no time. For this one for one swap participants are requested to make a mini portraying the magic and wonder of winter. Swaps must be mailed in no later than November 15th w/$3.85 priority postage regardless of number of items swapped. I will send out on December 3 w/free delivery confirmation in time for you to have your mini for the Winter Solstice. Please package mini with a note telling why you chose to create the piece you did, so that others may learn a little about you.
Signup by 10/8/04.
Closed! 20No11/12/04
9/25/04Winter Solstice Jewelry Swap
Dani Scott
Winter magic will be in the air in no time. For this one for one swap participants are requested to make a piece of jewelry portraying their feelings about the magic and wonder of winter. Jewelry can be in the form of a pair of earrings, pendant, brooch, or bracelet, but the bulk of the piece should be made of polymer clay. Include return postage when sending your jewelry. Swaps must be mailed in no later than November 15th w/$3.85 priority postage regardless of number of items swapped. I will send out on December 3 w/free delivery confirmation in time for you to have your jewelry for the Winter Solstice. Please package your jewelry with a note telling why you chose to create the piece you did, so that others may learn a little about you.
Signup by 10/8/04.
Closed! UNLYes11/12/04
9/24/04Holiday trinket boxes
Leah Fisch
For this swap participants are required to make one (or more) clay covered trinket boxes having to do with the holidays. for more information visit my site (www.geocities.com/fishyswaps). Please include enough return postage. Enjoy the swap, and Happy Holidays!
Signup by 10/12/04.
Closed! 10No11/12/04
9/8/04Christmas Canes
Amy Barton
Anything to do with christmas canes example- stockings,wreaths,candy canes,snowmen,trees.Each participant should make 5 of the same christmas canes(per group)and will recieve 5 differnt canes in return.You may join up to five groups.
Signup by 10/15/04.
Closed! OpenYes11/1/04
9/5/04Leaf Cane Swap
Susan Clement
Each participant shoud make 5 leaf canes (per group), and they will get five different leaf canes in return. Any color leaves are okay, funky is fine!. The canes in each group should all be the same, preferrably, but not necessarily. You may join up to five groups.
Signup by 10/1/04.
Closed! ?Yes11/1/04
Stacy McMillan
This swap will be limited to 10 participants and each person will make and send 10 beads of horses. The beads need to be the size of a nice pendant. You be the judge. The beads need to have a hole going vertical to the design. (Top to Bottom NOT head to tail) Please package each horse in a small plastic bagwith your name and any info you would like the other swappers to know. Please put them in a box to mail so that nothing happens to them on thier trip to me. Send a Self addressed mailing label and 3.85 for priority shipping or a priority stamp.To Stacy McMillan 428 Meadow Ln. Potosi, TX 79602 I will get the boxes from the post office to mail back to you. These horses will be due by October 3rd. When I recieve all the packages I will in return send everything back out with 24-48hrs. Please have fun with this. I can't wait to see your work. Please email me with any questions. God Bless.
Signup by 9/13/04.
Closed! 10No10/3/04
8/25/04Equinox Goddess Pendant Swap
Lauri Jean Crowe
One for One. 3 inch or smaller wearable goddess pendant w/large top horizontal bore hole or imbedded sturdy finding for hanging on cord or chain. You will receive the same type whether hole or finding back. I will try to match them for size as well. Theme is the Autumn Equinox. Think the colors of fall - warm reds, oranges, browns and fading greens. Embellish as you will but bulk of piece should be polymer clay. Send to Spyder Mum Studio, P.O. Box 498, Howell, Michigan 48844 w/$3.85 priority postage regardless of number of goddesses swapped and I will send out on Sept 15 w/free delivery confirmation in time for you to have her about your neck for the Equinox.
Signup by 8/31/04.
Closed! UnlNo9/10/04
8/25/04Farewell Summer (minis)
Leah Fisch
Summer is on its way out taking vacation and summer fun with it. For this swap participants are required to make a miniature portraying their feelings on summers end. For detailed information visit my site (www.geocities.com/fishyswaps) Minis can be as big/small as you like, as long as they're recongnizable as minis. Include return postage when sending your minis. Most of all have a great time.
Signup by 9/9/04.
Closed! UnlNo10/1/04
8/6/04Dolls And Baby Creations
Terrylynn O'Donnell
Would like to form a group of at least 4 persons who craft polymer babies, angels or fairies in order to share our talents with one another in the group, exchanging with a different person each month.
Signup is Ongoing.
Open! 4 Min.YesTBA
7/25/04Texture Stamp Swap
Leigh Carter
Each person makes 10 stamps one side or two your choice.. I would like to have at least 10 members any after that can go on a waiting list and if that goes up to 10 then we can start another swap.. Email me to let me know you want to join. I will email back with info one were to send the stamps. Stamps due by Sept 15.. This will be alot of fun.... So, I hope to see you there...
Signup by 8/15/04.
Closed! 10Yes9/15/04
7/18/04Cool Pen and Holder Swap
Leah Fisch
Everyone loves a cool pen with a matching stand. Make as many cool pen and holder sets as you wish. The only instructions are to have fun while making them. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope (or enough postage) so I can send you your new cool pens and holders. For the Nitty-gritty information visit www.geocities.com/fishyswaps
Signup by 8/8/04.
Closed! UnlNo8/31/04
7/15/04Orphan Bead Swap
Cris Martins
Orphan Beads are beads that you love, but you've never used. They need a good home! Make little baggies of your beads (accompanying accent beads are a nice touch and welcome, but not necessary). Each package should contain EITHER:
- a Focal Bead (something large or special enough to be the center of attention)
- OR a set of matching beads (4-10 depending on size and complexity).
Get details at http://vandewinkle.endlesswire.com/swaps.html
Signup by 8/1/04.
Closed! 20Yes9/1/04
7/8/04Turtle Bead Swap
Carolyn Collins
I love turtles, and making them! Make 20 small turtle beads and you will recieve 20 in return. Each bead is to be 1/2 to 3 inches in diameter. I prefer if you seal your beads or buff and polish them, but it's not mandatory! Also include another self-addressed stamped envelope that is the same size or bigger than the one you send your beads in, so I can send you the other beads! Have fun and join in!
Signup by 7/20/04.
Closed! 20No8/7/04
6/23/04Great Parrot Swap
Leah Fisch
This will be a fun swap. Everyone wishing to participate is to make 2 parrot figurines (could be the same) and send them in by the due date. Send your parrots single wrapped along with return postage (stamps or money of the same value) I will send back with the same carrier eg. Media, UPS...
For more info please visit my site. You should receive 2 parrots 2-4 weeks after the due date. Enjoy!
Signup by 7/12/04.
Closed! UnlNo8/2/04
5/27/04Spiral Swap
Kristine Renning
I am a list "mom" at Born to Bead. We are hosting a Spiral chain swap.. Standard 16-18-20 inch necklace. There are tutorial listed in our link section. If anyone is interested in joining, you are more than welcome! Come see us at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/borntobead/
Signup by 6/1/04.
Closed! UnlNo7/1/04
5/15/04Gingerbread Swap
Diane Nunn
Let's do a gingerbread swap! Make 10 mini gingerbread, no larger than 2". No cookie cutter gingerbread please. Can be ornaments or figurines. Closed! 10No7/15/04
5/11/04Big Bead Strand Swap
Susan Sheehan
One 16 inch strand of interesting beads. You may send as many as 5 Strands or as little as 1. The beads should all go together. The idea is to make some different shapes. Go out on a limb and make something different. Some of the beads can be plain round spacer type beads in a complimentary color but make the majority something exciting.
Signup by 7/15/04.
Closed! UnlNo8/16/04
5/6/04Farm & Zoo Animal Bead Swap
Brittney Vaux
limited to 20 clayers(people)
- each clayer will make 20 beads each
- they can be cane slices, round sculpted or tubular beads.
- no larger than 1"
- no smaller than 1/2"
- you can use any colours you like!
- you may make an assortment of animal beads or just 1 or 2. Just as long as it equals 20, your choice!v - holes should be horizontal to the design on the beads. Try not to make them to small!
- Package each bead separatly in little bags or envelopes. Label the packages with your name and any more information you would like the other swappers to know.
- Put all little packages of beads into a reusable package so that I will be able to mail them back to you.
- Place $3 into your package for return priority postage, and a self addressed mailing label.
- Make them your own , and have fun!
Signup by 5/15/04.
Closed! 20Yes6/18/04
5/6/04The Mighty Pen Swap
Cris Martins
Cover pens with clay using canework, texture, molded or sculpted doo-dads, or anything else you can think of!
Signup by 6/1/04.
Closed! G/5Yes7/1/04
5/6/04Bugs, bugs and more bugs!
Karen Tihor
This is a swap for all things insectoid. Can be sculpture, canes, beads, anything buggy. Let your creativity reign! Feel free to use any embellishments you wish: wire, beads, micas, transfers, etc.
1) Groups of 5, each person may sign up for a maximum of 5 groups. For each group you join you will make five bugs, therefore if you join 5 groups you would make 25 bugs and receive 25 bugs in return.
2) Bugs should be a maximum of 3" in diameter
If you would like to sign up or get more info, please email me at kltihor@ntl.sympatico.ca with your name, address, email address, your PCC forum name (if applicable) and how many groups you would like to join. Happy bugging!
Signup by 6/1/04.
Closed! UnlNo7/1/04
Stephanie Martin
Tins of all sizes and shapes to be swapped. There hasnít been a tin swap in a while, so itís time to have another.
1) Groups of 5. You may sign up for more than one group.
2) Tins need to be at least 1.5Ē by 2Ē (small Altoid size)
3) Tins do not have to be unique. Only requirement is that theyíre covered in clay. Use paints, stamps, pearl ex, inclusions, etc etc to your heartís content.
Sign up by May 17. Tins will be due July 1, that gives you about a month and a half to get them done. If you want to be in more than one group, please mention it in your e-mail.
Signup by 5/17/04.
Closed! 30Yes7/1/04
4/8/04ANY STYLE Cane Swap
Jennifer Lowe
Canes, Canes everywhere anyone want to SWAP? Many of us have canes that we have bought or made and they are just sitting around. Letís clear out some of our own to get some new ones. Details here!
Signup by 4/18/04.
Closed! UnlYes5/6/04
4/8/04Goddess Sculpture Swap
Morrigan Jade
Must be 3-D. Dimensions are no taller then 5 inches high and no wider then 5 inches. Any kind of polymer clay and any other medium can be used to accent.
Signup by 5/30/04.
Closed! 10Yes7/30/04
4/4/04Devils Swap
Twinkle Jain
This is just an online swap. No one needs to send anything anywhere, you get to keep what you make. All you need to do is make devils (could be funny, dumb, realistic, etc.) and click a picture of it and send it. Its that easy. Number of Swappers: more the merrier, but we'll keep it to 20.
Signup by 4/8/04.
Closed! 20No4/20/04
4/2/04Rainstick Swap
Pamela Hall
Since rainsticks can be lots of different sizes I think I need to set some limits.
1. No longer than 8 inches and no bigger than 1 inch in diameter.
2. The rainstick can have a finding so that it can be worn as pendant, but if it's going to be a pendant, the rainstick can't be any longer than 4 inches.
3. Include enough postage (preferably in the form of stamps) in your package as well as a return label.
4. Groups of 5, so each swapper should make 4 rainsticks.
Signup by 4/20/04.
Closed! 15No5/20/04
3/18/04Translucent Flower Cane Swap
Susan Clement
Make five flower canes, with translucent background. You will receive five differnt canes in return. The canes must be at least 2 inches long, and 3/4 inch in diameter. They will be due by May 1st. Email me your name, address, email address, forum name, and how many groups you'd like to join (MAX-5)
Signup by 4/1/04.
Closed! G/5Yes5/1/04
3/5/04Art Doll Angel Swap
Lauri Jean Crowe
Looking for 100 participants in a one-way swap (you will receive an angel pin - see link) to create OOAK angel art dolls for auction to raise awareness and necessary research dollars for kidney disease. You will receive one face cabachon and one muslin body to embellish as you choose, and then return for auction. These will be featured in a book with artist bio and contact also. Additional information can be found at http://www.art4change.com.
Signup Ongoing.
Closed! 100NoTBA
3/1/04Wire and Clay Pins
Emily Soper
For each group you join, you will make four complete pins using polymer clay and wire. You can wire wrap, use wire as part of the design, or do something else very creative, as long as both clay and wire show. You may make four of the same pin, or four different pins, whatever your muse tells you to do. If you sign up for multiple groups, please make different pins for each group. E-mail me with your name, pcc nick-name, email addy and no. of groups. I'm putting the max no. of groups one can join at 5, but it may be less depending on the number of people who sign up. We'll see!
Signup by 4/1/04.
Closed! UnlNo5/1/04
2/21/04Little Dragons
Jeanette Morrison
Any style of dragon imaginable(no dinasours, please) between 1 and 2 inches. Please include a note listing name and email address for each dragon sent.
Signup by 3/5/04.
Closed! 15No5/5/04
2/21/04Harry Potter Swap
Mary Davis
Anything from HP books, movies, and games. Make them one to four inches in size. Clay plus ? e-mail me for more info on shipping and return postage. This a swap for adults and children, but you dont have to have kids to join. My two boys 4 and 9 will be crafting as well as my friends two boys 11 and 12. Let your kids do what ever they want at whatever level they are crafting at. It will be fun to see how you all interpret this theme.
Signup by 3/15/04.
Closed! 15No4/30/04
2/20/04Greeting Card Swap
Andrea Pinkus
Use polymer clay (and other materials) to create or embellish greeting cards. Choose an occasion (birthday, wedding, anniversary, holiday, all-purpose), and create a card which can be presented or mailed.
Signup by 3/15/04.
Closed! 6No4/15/04
2/17/04Flower Cane Swap
Marianna Koutoupi
This is a flower cane swap for people that live in Greece (and not only). Clayers, I know that a lot of you read in us hosted sites about polymer clay swaps and you have wished we could have a swap right here. Why not? Letís start with something simple: a flower cane. Koritsia, perimenw!!!!
Signup by 2/28/04.
Closed! 6No3/15/04
2/13/04Purse Swap
Miranda Carroll
Make or redecorate 1 purse (or tote bag) with anything your heart desires. Purse must be at least change purse size (approx 3X4 inches) and usable. Can be made or decorated using beads, PC, fabric, paint, or whatever.
Signup by 3/1/04.
Closed! UnlNo3/30/04
1/31/04Leaf Cane Swap
Cris Martins
Please email me with your NAME, ADDRESS, FORUM ID, EMAIL ADDRESS, NUMBER OF GROUPS. Rules as follows:
1. All canes DUE March 1st
2. You can use Premo, Fimo or Kato clay
3. Canes should be AT LEAST a 1/2-inch in diameter and 4 inches long (1.3cm by 10cm)
4. Please try to bake one slice of each of your canes and send it along with the canes
5. You must include return postage and a return address label. I prefer and recommend Priority Mail. If you're outside the U.S., you can PayPal the money for return postage to me.
6. Put each group of canes (individually wrapped in plastic would be the way I'd do it) in a seperate baggie and label them with your name, forum id and email address.
Signup by 2/7/04.
Closed! G/5No3/1/04
1/31/04Angel Collector Swap
Linda Hess
I have been collecting angels all my life (my mother started when I was born since my b-day is 2 days before christmas!). A favorite type to collect are unique, handmade angels. What better way to add to my collection (and yours) than to host an angel swap. ALL contributions to this swap must be made of at least 50% polymer. Any style, design, size is acceptable. Use your imagination...ornaments, earrings, bracelets, small figurines...have fun creating. I will take 10 people total for this swap. Once sign-up is completed I will email all of the participants with the number of pieces needed adn the date they will be due by. I hope to have 10 join, so start planning your angels around that number.
Signup by (CLOSED).
Closed! 10No3/28/04
1/11/04Spring Flower Bracelet Bead Swap
Dawn Norris
As spring is almost here, I am looking forward to wearing my spring colors and flowers galore! This swap is for 8 identical flower beads. Beads can be round, slices(canes) or sculpted. Please make them bright and cheery, excluding colors like brown black and gray. When I receive participants beads I will combine all them together on stretchy cord and return them to you as bracelets, this way everyone will receive 8 lovely flower beads handmade by another clayer with love. Please include a $.60 stamp for return postage.
Signup by 2/14/04.
Closed! 10No4/1/04
1/10/04Another Pen Swap
Kathi Gose
Another pen swap is a go!! Creatively cover ink pens in any design you wish. Add fun doo dahs off the top or down the side. Anything that your creative muse tells you to do. Let it all out this timeWe will have groups of 5. (up to 15) You have your choice of 1,2, or 3 groups to make it simpler for you. Pens to be packaged in wrappers with your name on them. Please send return postage when you send the pens. I don't care if it is regular mail or priority....your pens will be returned in the same manner.
Signup by 2/15/04.
Closed! 15G/5No3/15/04
1/8/04Another Flower Cane Swap
Tonja Lenderman
The rules :) First off is the due date - These will be due to me BY March 1st. No late packages please. Second - The canes can be made out of Premo, Fimo or Kato clay, your choice as long as the background (outside) is translucent. Third - The canes should be at least 1/2" across and 4" long. Fourth - You must include return postage in the form of postage stamps only please (same amount that it cost to send) and a return address label. I recommend Priority mail because it's not only faster, but you get those great free boxes to ship in. :) Fifth -Your canes each need to be put in a seperate baggie and labeled with your name. Sixth - There are going to be 30 groups of 5 swappers each. Each swapper can only join up to 5 groups. Email the following info please. Name, home address, email address, PCC Forum ID if you have one & how many groups you want to be in.
Signup by 2/1/04.
Closed! 30G/5No3/1/04
12/29/03Hearts galore!
Dianna Mammone
I envision this as hearts about 1 inch hearts with some kind of eyepin or such so they could be strung as a charm bracelet or necklace. Use only gold-tone fidings, can be any technique, mokume gane, inclusions, rubber stamped, textured. Since size is small, you shoul include 3 hearts as 1 unit. First 10 people, will wait-list 5. All items must be packaged in small individual zip bags, three hearts per zip bag with a label explaining technique in each bag. Send in a box that is large enough to return 30 or so hearts. Return label inside and RETURN PRIORITY MAIL STAMP. NO CASH OR INDIVIDUAL STAMPS
Signup by 1/15/04.
Closed! 10Yes2/1/04
12/13/03Texture Swap
Shannon Walker
You can swap any item that creates a neat texture on clay. The more unconventional, the better. The idea is to open our eyes to the textures that surround us every day! You can send in the item itself (e.g. you find a nifty spoon handle...you can send the spoon)....or you can make a texture sheet from the spoon and send that (if you don't want to part with your spoon!). There are lots of options. Be creative!
Signup by 1/10/04.
Closed! G/5No2/15/04
12/5/03Polymer Parrotheads
Patti Stoll
Tired of winter already? Dreaming of paradise places, warm tropical waters, colorful flowers, LOTS OF SUN? Let's create something tropical to swap! The theme is Parrothead/Tropical Shirts (I will send shape template to participants). These will be about 2.5X3 inches and can be made into pendants or magnets or brooches or whatever! Pieces must be completed into finished items. Little shirts can be decorated with canes, transfers, or anything else to make them look tropical. They may also be embellished with surfboards, hats, margarita glasses, etc. etc. Groups of 5. For each group, send 5 same or different shirt pieces, receive back 5 different for each group joined. Swap items to be sent with return addressed mail label and return Priority Mail stamp. Write name on back of each piece or wrap in saran and label.
Signup by 1/5/04.
Closed! 20Yes2/5/04

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