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"....the deepest and truest secrets of color effect are, I know, invisible even to the eye, and are beheld by the heart alone. The essential eludes conceptual formulation." Johannes Itten,  The Art of Color

Welcome to the first lesson in wire jewelry making where you will learn to make a sterling silver bangle. My name is Connie Fox and I will be guiding you through the steps in creating a bangle you will be delighted to wear. The photo to your right is titled Garden Bangle. The focal bead is made by your very own forum manager of Polymer Clay Central, Leigh Ross.  Not only will you be the shown the wire techniques involved in making this bangle, design principles to help you achieve a satisfying result will also be explained. 

Please note: In real life the silver beads in this bangle are not as bright and dominant as they appear in the photo. My photography lights just love to dance on the surface of silver!

If you are new to wire work, I recommend you review the Studio Tour of my website which which will acquaint you with hand tools and equipment. A list of resources is also available if you need to know where to purchase your hand tools and supplies. And, if you have never had wire in your hands before, please stop by my  Basic Wire Skills course to get your feet (or hands) wet with fundamental techniques. Below is a list of materials you will need to complete this project.

What You Need

  A focal bead (hole big enough for 14 gauge wire)
"Supporting actor" beads (holes for 14 gauge wire)
Spacer beads (optional)
Tape measure
  Wire cutters
9" - 12" of  14 gauge copper wire
  9" - 12"  of  14 gauge silver wire (.925, dead soft)
  Plastic mallet
Steel bench block or other anvil
  36" of 18 gauge .925 dead soft silver wire
  Round nose pliers (large & small if you have them)
  Chain nose pliers
Chasing hammer
  Liver of sulfur
Polishing cloth such as a Sunshine Cloth

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