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Here's a beautiful flower cane design from PCC member Naama Zamir. Her color is pink, but this cane would look great in many color combinations!

Step 1: Choose 3 complimentary colors in equal amounts. Arrange as shown to do a Skinner blend, with the lightest color at the left and darkest at the right. Create the blend.
(See Skinner blend instructions here)

Step 2: Once the blend is finished, do an accordian fold as show. The result will be lightest color at the bottom of the stack, large blended section, and then darkest at the top.

Step 3: Compress the block and flatten it out a little, then using your cutting blade, slice the block in half.

Step 4: Stack the two halves as shown, light side of one half to the dark side of the other half.

Step 5: Squeeze in the corners to form the block into a round log.

Step 6: Using a dark contrasting color, roll out a sheet on number 7 on the pasta machine and wrap the log in this sheet. Begin to reduce the log.

Step 7: Once you have reduced the log, cut it into 8 equal pieces as shown.

Step 8: Pinch the 8 pieces to form petal shapes as show. Make a center for the flower by sandwiching sheets of light and dark colors, roll them up, cut to the same height as the petals, and then wrap it in the same color as the petals. Arrange the petals around the center.

Step 9: This how your cane will look before adding the background.

Step 10: Add triangles of translucent clay between the petals.

Step 11: Now reduce your cane and cut.


by Naama Zamir
© 2008 Text and Photos

We want to thank Naama for sharing this excellent cane design with Polymer Clay Central. If you have a lesson or tutorial, or something you would like to share with PCC, please email Leigh or Stephen and we will help you prepare your project for the PCC Website!

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