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Basic Polymer Clay Techniques

Skinner Blend Technique

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Picture 24
24. It doesn't have to be exact, but the closer they are the better your end product.
Picture 25
25. For the Shaded cane, we fold the slab into thirds, keeping the A and B sides together.
Picture 26
26. Keep this as even as possible, making sure there aren't any air bubbles trapped inside.

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Picture 27
27. Line it up with the Pasta machine and put it through slowly, keeping it as straight as possible. Setting #1 on the Pasta Machine.
Picture 28
28. Guide it as it comes out, it will get longer, try not to let it fold over on itself.
Picture 29
29. Put it back through the pasta machine again at a smaller setting. Setting #3 or 4 on the Pasta Machine.
Picture 30
30.Depending on how much courage you have, you can put it through again. Setting # 5 or 6 on the Pasta Machine. Just be careful if you put this down, it's awful if it sticks to itself!
Picture 31
31. Lay it on the work surface carefulLEIGH. It's best if you have room to lay it out straight.
Picture 32
32. We are going to roll this strip up now, starting with the "A" color end. Slice the end of the strip so it has a smooth edge.
The next step is a little trick that I learned that seems to make things a little easier to me. Using the piece that I sliced off, I roll it into a log. You don't have to do it this way, it's just a little helper.

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Picture 33
33.I use a piece of lucite to roll out the log. This makes the entire log solid and firm.
Picture 34
34. Roll it out until it is the same width as the shaded strip of clay.
Picture 35
35. Lay the rolled log of clay on the end of the strip and gently lift the edges and meld it to the log. The more careful you are the less air bubbles will end up in the cane.
Picture 36
36. Once all of the edge is attached to the log, gently and slowly start rolling up the strip of clay around the log.
Picture 37
37.Smooth out the air bubbles as you go along. Don't rush the beginning of this roll. In most cases, the strip of clay is not exactly the same width, roll it up using one edge as a guide.
Picture 38
38. Continue rolling nad smoothing, rolling and smoothing, until all of the slab has been rolled up.
Picture 39
39. When the slab is all rolled up, cut the end straight.
Picture 40
40. The back side may be a little askew, but that is normal.
Picture 41
41. Now take a slice off the end.

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Picture 42
42. And admire what a great job you did!
Picture 43
43. How about that??? Equal amounts of two different clays and you have a great blend. Once you try this, you will never go back to the old way again!

Skinner Blend 1

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