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PCC Product Review

Puffinalia Miracle Mold©

Visit Puffinalia
Available at and the Polymer Clay Central Auction
For awhile we have been contemplating adding Product Reviews to PCC, and we decided to start now with a product from a new company who just happens to be a "part" of PCC <G>. Not that it would affect our review - this is a "fair and balanced" review! This new product is Miracle Mold from Puffinalia, and if I was forced into giving this a one word review, the only word I could come up with is "AWESOME". Fortunately, I own PCC so I can use as many words as I want here <G>.

First, I need to give you a little background on myself - I have NEVER been able to make a flawless mold. The only things I've ever been able to produce more than one of is my kids, and they certainly didn't turn out flawless. However, this Puffinalia Miracle Mold is SO good that even my first attempt turned out positive... or is that negative????

All kidding aside, this product is so good that I'm going to order two pounds of it in order to help me work with my florals. I figured the easiest way for me to review Miracle Mold would be to list my observations as I worked and experimented with it, and then to show some examples of what I've been able to do.

  • The material is very easy to work with. It comes in two parts, one white and one pink. To activate the material you mix equal amounts of each part until it's one color, a lighter shade of pink. At this point you would push your mold item in the material and then put it aside until it sets.

  • If you can't make two balls the same size, the mold material is very forgiving. In other words, absolute precision is not necessary in the preparation (thank goodness <G>)!

  • Even after setting, the mold is extremely flexible.

  • You can bake your piece in the mold, which is why I've been so successful!!! The curing temperature of clay doesn't affect the mold material.

  • Because the material is very flexible, it can be somewhat forgiving if your piece has lots of nooks and crannies!

  • Another plus is the easy ability to make double-sided molds that fit together perfectly that make two-sided clay pieces in one step.

  • After multiple bakings, the mold is STILL flexible!!

  • When using the mold with polymer clay, a release agent is not usually necessary.

  • The mold material picks up the slightest little details!

  • You can even use it to make your own rubber-type stamps!
  • Just Added: Heat Tests on Miracle Mold and Other Mold Materials! Click Here!
Click Pictures for a Larger View

Here I used a paper doily to make three different texture plates by putting the mold material on the the section and then brayering it. At the right are closeups of the section of the doily, the mold, and a clay piece made from the mold.

Here's an experiment that I didn't expect to work because of the deep undercuts of the seed pod at the top. But because of the extreme flexibility of the mold, the resulting clay piece at the bottom was almost a copy of the original!

Here's a "rubber stamp" of my initials to use as a name stamp on my projects. At the top is the mold pieces I used to create the stamp. The pictures at the right show the stamp in detail.

These are three examples of beads made by using two duplicate molds to create a double sided bead. At the top is the mold item and the molds made from it.

Here are double-sided beads made from two different molds. At the left are the mold item and molds and two beads. Above one bead is turned over.
Here's another example that shows the extreme flexibility of the mold material.

And again...

Mold Detail   Clay Detail
These are different color treatments using a complex mold.

This shows the extreme detail capability of the mold material - see how the clay leaf at the bottom compares to the mold item, the metal leaf pin at the top left.

Mold Detail and regular clay feather
The top row at the left shows our subject, the feather pin, the mold made from it, and a regular clay feather made from the mold. In the bottom row examples I used the mold and laid a thin layer of Super Flex clay over it, and then pushed it into the mold using the regular clay feather, creating a very thin feather that is extremely flexible and patterned on both sides. Above and right show the detail of the feather on both sides and different color treatments.

And now I need MORE mold material!!!! Oh, Linda...
Leigh Ross

Readers' Comments!

"After reading all the comments and experiments on Miracle Mold, I decided to give it a try. If it worked as advertised, I thought it could solve a couple of minor issues for me. I spent most of a clay weekend with my sister teaching her about clay while I made one mold after another. MM is nothing short of amazing. The detail you can get is amazing and being able to make something and make a mold of it is a great time saver. I bought the 1 pound size and didn't use a quarter of it during this weekend. It's as addicting as clay is."

"What a great product..I think this would be fantastic for our kids club..I think I might be hooked again on another project area..hehe..."

Lorraine Miller
"I have finally ordered the Miracle Mold stuff and when I got it I was trying it out right away and wow what a results!! It's great to work with. I love it and will order some more when I have used it all."

Brigitta Ter Wiel
"This product is the best thing since sliced bread !!!! I've already gone through 2 pounds of it and need more. LOL I think I've already molded everything that wasn't nailed down. Thank you Puffinalia Miracle Mold !!!"

Tonja Lenderman
"I second everything that Annie said! I love this new mold material. And what really won me over was the detail this mold picks up, and the ease of use. I have used some other mold materials, but I have never gotten results like this before."

Kellie Robinson
"Puffinalia Miracle Moldİ is just an amazing product. The detail of whatever item you wish to duplicate is there, exactly like the original item. I took a mold of a feather from my cockatiel Bandit, and duplicated it in PC and you could have knocked me over with that same feather!! The detail is...well you need to try it for yourselves, you will NOT be disappointed. Also, which I think it a big plus, there's no mess when mixing it, you do it with your fingers, it's soft and so very pliable that it's easy to mix the two parts together, in fact, it's easier then the kids toy's Silly Putty and Play-Doh."

Joan Z. Dufresne
"My hat's off to you for the presentation and examples you have given us. I got my mold compound and was afraid to start. Now I have gained confidence from seeing what you have done with it. Off I go to mold something interesting into my stuffy little world. It is an open window, much needed freshness. My applause to all who had hands on this product.

"I have to wholeheartedly agree with everything Leigh has said! I've used many different types of molding materials and this easily surpasses them all. The detail this stuff picks up is absolutely incredible, especially when factoring in the ease of use. I just cannot say enough good about it."

Anna Hill
"Easy! Quick! Fun! Not messy! Flexible! Detail, detail, detail! A must-have! Beware: You can't make just one!"


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