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Pumpkin Cane Lesson

Picture 49
49. Place the Stem in the crease in the cane. Pressing down enough to get it to stick, but don't change it's shape!
Picture 50
50. I use a lot of the Kemper Modeling tools to help pack my canes, here there is a great tool for getting into the creases.
Picture 51
51. Take some scrap brown clay.
Picture 52
52. Roll it into a log.
Picture 53
53. Place a log on one side of the stem.
Picture 54
54.Now place a log on the other side of the stem. This will reinforce the connection between the two sections!
Picture 55
55. I use my tool here to spread the log part of it going up and the other part going down.
Picture 56
56. Doing the same with the other side. You can see how our pumpkin has taken shape! The decision now is whether we are going to leave it a whole pumpkin, or put it into a circular log.
Stay tuned for the next installment of the Pumpkin Project!!!

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