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TrueLeigh Rose
Leigh Ross has created a beautiful Rose Cane, and she has allowed us to share it here in PCC! Please enjoy this exquisite project!

(Click Here for a Printer Friendly Version of this Lesson)

Materials Needed:
(These will be listed with the Colors that I'm using. You can change your rose color to whatever appeals to you)

  • Fimo Soft #26 Cherry Red and Premo Pearl for Skinner Blend for Rose
  • Premo Alizarian Crimson mixed with Black for Rose outline
  • Fimo Turquoise and White for Skinner Blend for leaves
  • Fimo Turquoise mixed with Black for leaf outline
  • Black Clay for background of Finished Cane
  • Tissue Blade
  • Clay Gun with Triangle tip
    Fig. 1
  1. Condition your clay.

  2. Prepare for a Skinner Blend using the Rose colors. Since I want the rose to be predominantly red, I use a slight variation when I prepare the initial triangles for the Skinner Blend. Notice in the picture (Fig. 1, right) that the bottom color intersection is not at the corner - I've moved the dark color about 3/4" over into the light color. This will give you more dark color in the finished blend.

  3. Continue Fig. 2with normal procedure for the Skinner Blend, putting the clay through your pasta machine about 20-25 times. Fig. 3 Before the last pass through, trim the ends, fold the sheet in thirds (Fig. 2, left) and send it through the pasta machine, starting with the light end, on setting #1. Then send it through again on setting #4. Now take the sheet and roll up the clay into a log, beginning with the light end, and then trim the ends. You should end up with a log that resembles Fig. 3.

    Skinner Blend Hints
    Hint - Mix a pinch of the Red color in the Pearl to tint the white to a light pink
    Hint - If your dark color (Red in this case) is saturated, mix it with translucent in a 2 parts color to part translucent to lighten saturation.
    Fig. 4
  4. Run a sheet of the Rose outline mixture through the pasta machine at setting #3 and then wrap it around the log (Fig. 4, right).
  5. Reduce the log to about 5 times it's original length. Cut the log into two equal pieces. Cut one half-log into 5 equal pieces and the other half-log into 6 equal pieces. See Fig. 5 for a view of the finished reducing and cutting.
  6. Take one piece of the six piece half log, flatten it and roll it into a jelly-roll [Directly stolen from a Marie Segal video] (below).

  7. Take the remaining five pieces of that half log and shape them into an elongated teardrop shape (Fig. 6). Start fitting these pieces onto the jelly-roll in a pinwheel fashion, so that that when finished it will look like Fig. 7.

    Fig. 6Fig. 7

  8. Fig. 8Take the remaining five pieces and slightly flatten them into an oval shape, and then pinch up a small triangle in the center (Fig. 8). Keep in mind that this triangle will fit into the space between the petals (Fig. 9), so shape accordingly. After the remaining pieces are attached, pack the cane together to make sure that all pieces are fitted tightly together, and then trim off the end pieces to see the cane. It should look like Fig. 10.

    Fig. 9Fig. 10

    Let's Make the Leaf Cane!

    Leigh Ross
    ©1999 Text and Photos

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