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"Kid's Bug Swap" September 1997

Below are all the buggy submissions to "The Kid's Bug Swap. Find the budding polymer clay artists among these talented kids. Thanks to Dianna Mammone for lending them.

Press picture to enlarge.

Alice Albright, age 6 Julian Baptista, age 8, Massachusettes Dan, age 10, New Jersey Dawn Albright
Caitlin Edmonds, age 9, Missouri Eric, age 11 Caitlin Galbraith, age 10, California Grace, age 8, Pennsylvania
Jenna, age 7, New Jersey Katelyn, age 9, New Jersey Hannah Nelthorpe, age 9, Australia Sara, age 9 1/2, New Jersey
Matt VanDonkelaar, age 7 Ian VanDonkelaar, age 10

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