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Dawn Naylor

Dawn Naylor
Worcester, MA 01602


Background Information

Years Teaching:  6+
Years Teaching Clay:  6+
Years Working w/Clay:  13
Freelance:  Yes
Specialties:  I originated the Hydrangea Cane. It is adaptable to flowers, leaves and feathers, with details that will astound you. I also have an inate ability to create animals. I worked at a pet store for 4 years.
First Experience With Clay:  Over 13 years ago I stumbled on it in Micheal's and have been perfecting my technique ever since.
Past Teaching Experiences:  I have taught I Micheal's, Worcester Guild meetings, and Conneticut Polymer Clay Guild retreats. I have been employed by Polyform Products to do demos in the New England Area; four times so far. A local bead store also employs me to do demos once in a while.
Publication Experience:  I have been published online (PCC and PCPolyzine) and in two issues of Jewelry Crafts Magazine. Also, a good number of my pieces can be found in Sarajane Helm's book "Celebrations in Polymer Clay."
Teaching Level:  Professional

Lesson Information

Private Lessons:  Yes
How Far Will Travel:  60 miles
Reimbursed Expenses:  You supply the airfare and put me up and I will teach anywhere!
Group Lessons:  Yes
Minimum Number of Students:  3
Maximum Number of Students:  3+?
How Far Will Travel:  New England
Reimbursed Expenses:  You supply the airfare and put me up and I will teach anywhere!
Class Prep Time:  2 weeks
Maximum Consecutive Days Teaching:  2
Class Listings & Descriptions: 
The Basics - I can have anyone up and running in the basics easily with a couple classes. Simple cane - spiral, checker board and bulls eye, Skinner blend, stamping, color mixing, and basic beads. Not only would newbies learn all this. . .but also valuable 'don't do what I did' information that one can only get from those of us who have been there and done that.
Beyond the Basics - This class would include information that would build on the basic knowlege - things like Mokume Gane, mini mokume gane. . .complex multi step canes, complex beads, and veneers.
Hydrangea Cane - Upon completion of this class you will know not only learn the published part of this cane, but I will teach you subtleties and tricks so you can get the results that I get.
Simple Sculpture - I introduce the basics of creating recognizable animals and people, and the many techniques available to 'clothe' them.

Words of Encouragement to Novice Teachers:

"An artist is not the person who is the best at art. An artist is a person who keeps creating."


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