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Susan Gantz

Susan Gantz
Oakton, VA 22124

Background Information

Years Teaching:  12
Years Teaching Clay:  12
Years Working w/Clay:  15
School or Studio:  AC Moore
Freelance:  Yes
Specialties:  My biggest fans are school teachers. MY focus is jewelry, many with holiday themes. Most popular items are caned faces of multi ethnic kids. My favorite work (doesn't sell as well) is based on printing with leaves and natural materials.
First Experience With Clay:  Nan Roche was initial inspiration. I'm also a photographer and fiber artist, so clay was a natural.Many of my projects incorporate a variety of materials.
Past Teaching Experiences:  I, like many other clayers, am a nurse. I have recently changed status to part time so I can devote more time/attention to clay, and teaching others to tap into their creativity through this medium.
Publication Experience:  I have written several articles about knitting and composing with hand dyed yarns. I have also had a number of health care articles published. None in clay -- yet.
Teaching Level:  Semi-Pro

Lesson Information

Private Lessons:  Yes
How Far Will Travel:  Metro area at this point
Reimbursed Expenses:  Travel, times, materials if supplied
Group Lessons:  Yes
Minimum Number of Students:  2
Maximum Number of Students:  10
How Far Will Travel:  Metro Washington area
Reimbursed Expenses:  Travel, time, materials if supplied

Class Prep Time:  Depends on class; I offer basics, problem solving, help with specific ideas, face caning.
Maximum Consecutive Days Teaching:  I usually do one day classes.
Class Listings & Descriptions: 
Basics: design in canes with two contrasting colors, incorporating the abs's of choosing clay, designing a project, baking, finishing.
Beyond basics: complex canes, surface techniques, combining clay with other materials
Problem solving: a class designed for those who have worked with the clay, but have achieved results that do not please them -- a look at what might have gone wrong, and how to fix it.
Face caning: principles of construction, reduction of irregular canes, characteristics of different poymers as it pertains to faces (or other complex canes)

Words of Encouragement to Novice Teachers:

"What is your focus? How do you think you can bring concepts out of books (or out of Carol Duvall) and into the hands of your students? Do you understand the basics of teaching and coaching adults?"

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