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Marla Frankenberg

Marla Frankenberg
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Background Information

Years Teaching:  10
Years Teaching Clay:  10
Years Working w/Clay:  12
School or Studio: 
Freelance:  Yes
Specialties:  Caning, especially flowers!
First Experience With Clay:  I found a clay project (swirly buttons!) in a kids' craft book. I was lucky enough to find "The New Clay" when I bought my first packages, some old and crumbly Fimo. In spite of the crumbles, I've never looked back.
Past Teaching Experiences:  I've taught in a wide range of situations, from craft store classes to weekend workshops.
Publication Experience:  Articles in the PolymerCafe
Teaching Level:  Professional

Lesson Information

Private Lessons:  No
How Far Will Travel:  N/A
Reimbursed Expenses:  N/A
Group Lessons:  Yes
Minimum Number of Students:  10
Maximum Number of Students:  20
How Far Will Travel:  Anywhere!
Reimbursed Expenses:  Travel & lodging or homestay.

Class Prep Time:  Two to four weeks, depending on my schedule.
Maximum Consecutive Days Teaching:  That depends on the situation!
Class Listings & Descriptions: 
Marlafiori - A New Approach to Flower Canes. Leave the drudgery of cane-making behind and get to the fun part faster! Learn to construct wildly complex flower canes quickly and easily, along with fancy leaves, delicate ferns, and lacy reeds. Then learn to use your canes slices to make jewelry.

Treasure Box Pendants - Using rubber stamps, pigment powders and loads of embellishments, learn to make a pendant that's fun to wear. Techniques for making pins and other projects are also covered in this class.

Words of Encouragement to Novice Teachers:

"If you're wondering about teaching, you're probably ready! Do your prep work, break things down into steps, and have fun with it!"

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